Major Finds by Mr. Mint:
Mr. Mint is Responsible for More Major Finds Than Anyone Else in the Hobby!

No one in the hobby is responsible for more significant "finds" than Alan Rosen. In the past twenty years, Mr. Mint has uncovered and made available to the collector more mint vintage cards and collectibles than any other dealer.

Find's & Collectiions
Major Finds

1. Purchaser of the Boston, MA 1952 Topps Find, including over 6,000 Gem Mint high numbers of which there were 65 Mickey Mantle rookies. Sotheby's Auction House called it, "The greatest find of baseball cards ever." It's value in the year 2000? Over $15 million!

2. Purchaser of the Paris, TN Find which amounted to over 500 unopened wax boxes of 1954 and 1955 Topps and Bowman baseball cards. In addition, there were over 250 1954 and 1955 Bowman football unopened wax boxes, not to mention, over 100 Mint-condition 1955 Bowman baseball sets. Current market value? Over $7 million!

3. Purchaser of the Kansas City 1951-53 Bowman Find. Over 11,000 uncirculated cards, including 32 '51 Mickey Mantle Bowman rookie cards and 40 1952 Mickey Mantle second-year Bowman cards. $4.5 million by today's prices!

4. Purchaser of the Baltimore, MD Find of Vintage World Series Press Pins, 1911-1919, including three brand new first-issue 1911's, which themselves in today's market would bring $25,000 each. Found in an old coffee can, the pins would bring at least $750,000 IF they were available today.

5. Purchaser of the Tampa, FL 1948-49 Leaf Unopened Box Find. The purchase consisted of seven unopened wax boxes of '48-49 Leaf rare numbers and 600 loose, mint rare-number singles. Retail value today is $275,000.

6. Purchaser of the Baltimore, MD 1909-11 T206 Find: three old cheese boxes containing 4,750 of the most pristine T206's you could ever hope to see. Of the 900 or so Hall of Famers in the boxes, there were over 70 Cobbs alone! I must say, the year 2000 guidebooks list these at a little over $1 million, but in my opinion, they now would be impossible to find.

7. Purchaser of the Chicago, IL 1954 Wilson Franks Find. Over 270 Gem Mint, Wilson Wieners cards which are some of the most beautiful, rarest and most coveted regionals sought by advanced collectors.

8. Purchaser of the Boston, MA 1932 U.S. Caramel Find. An amazing discovery of over 300 Gem Mint blazers which made up almost 20 complete sets! If found today, value would be at least $1 million!

9. Purchaser of the Quincy, IL 1953-75 Complete Set Find. One of My favorites: one set each from the years '53-57, and then multiple sets after that. There were 9 '61 sets, 12 '62's, 10 '63's, etc. In 1991, I paid over $350,000 for the deal.

10. Purchaser of the Tampa, FL Dan Wells Find. Way back in 1984, this was my first major purchase and it was a biggie: there were literally hundreds of thousands of cards between the years 1959-1963. There were only three major issues in the collection: Topps, Fleer and Post Cereal. I paid over $150,000 then. I would imagine that today's prices to be at least $1.5 million.

11. Purchaser of nine different of the thirty-five Honus Wagner T206 cards known to exist .

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