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The World's Largest Buyer of Baseball Cards & Sportscards - And He Pays in CA$H!

No one buys more Sports Collectibles than Mr. Mint. In fact last year alone he spent more than $5,000,000 buying cards and memorabilia.

Best Known Face in the Hobby

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Alan "Mr. Mint" Rosen is easily the most recognized figure in the industry, having appeared on the front pages of over 50 major newspapers, as well as having extensive feature stories written about him in Sports Illustrated and Sports Magazine.

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What Hobby Leaders say about Mr. Mint, Alan Rosen:

"My man Alan Mr. Mint Rosen, the Mr. October of the Baseball Card Business.
Reggie Jackson

"Mr. Mint: Alan Rosen is the King of Cards, the Duke of Dough in the high-stakes baseball card game...the nation's premier card maven."
...Sports Illustrated

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