Quotes About Mr. Mint:

"Mr. Mint: Alan Rosen Is The King of Cards, The Duke of Dough. In The High-Stakes Baseball Card Game...The Nation's Premier Card Maven."
...Sports Illustrated

"The Big Deals Still Find Him First."
...Sports Card Trader

"One Of The Hobby's Great Pioneers."
...Sports Cards Magazine

"One Of The Top Dealers In Sports Memorabilia."
...Archie Comics

"Mr. Alan Rosen is our best recommendation for a sports expert."
Christie's East Auctioneers

"Rosen Is Quite Simply One Of The Smartest Deal-Makers And Brokers In The Business."
...Barry Halper

"He's The Donald Trump of Baseball Cards." ...Topps Magazine



"My Man Alan 'Mr. Mint' Rosen Is The 'Mr. October' Of The Baseball Card Business."
...Reggie Jackson

"One Of The Biggest, If Not The Biggest Dealer In The Hobby." ...Joe Garagiola


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